The Wild Birdhouse & Pet Supplies
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240 S Camino Del Pueblo Ste D, Bernalillo, NM 87004

Bird Feed and Supplies Offered by The Wild Birdhouse & Pet Supplies in Bernalillo, NM

While our wild feathered friends are not our pets, we feel that they are part of our outdoor family. Being fellow bird lovers, feeding wild birds a quality diet is important to us. Unlike the seed blends you find in big stores, we only use fresh, high quality seeds with no fillers. Our customers live in the Foothills, the Bosque and on the Mesa, because of that we have developed several unique blends that account for the birds in our area. In addition to our very popular seed blends we carry many single grains including thistle, black oil sunflower, sunflower chips, peanuts, millet and safflower. And for bird lovers who dont want plants sprouting under their feeders, we also have non-germinating seed blends, so you can still feed the birds, without the mess.

Other than feed, our store also offers a wide variety of other products for the birds in New Mexico so you can draw the wildlife to your own backdoor. Providing sanctuary and food for the birds is the first step to getting the outdoor wildlife you desire.